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Eastern Football Netball League Filming Requirements

The Eastern Football League chooses to engage LKLM Media for all filming of the Leagues games.

Some things you need to be aware of on the day of filming.

ALL Filmed games:


  • You should have an SSD USB3 -Something like the following:

  • Or Officeworks link is: – currently theirs is $114, or $99 at MSY.
    A little more value for money might even be this: it is twice the size of the previous one, but not for too much more, so would probably hold 2 seasons of footage before needing to be cleared.


    Even if you already have a USB3 which is a large “spindle” drive, we will not use this on the day, the preference would be that you hand us a smaller SSD Drive which we can transfer the footage to and you organise to move that footage to your larger “Archive” drive later on – this will also mean that through the year we don’t have problems of having drives handed to us which are Full.

  • The hard drive needs to be formatted in exFAT format (instructions here – .) We will not format drives on the day, and also will NOT remove any data from drives to make the footage fit. Depending on the equipment used by the camera operator, the files which will be transferred to your drive may be between 10Gb and 20Gb in size, so make sure this sort or room is available. (Per above – archive often.)

  • We will NOT transfer to Thumb-drive/USB Sticks – even if they are USB3, the write speed is far too slow – consider that you may be charged extra for delays in this respect, or the footage will just have to be picked up from the Footage site delegated by the League.

  • You MUST hand your drive to the Camera operator prior to game commencement, and at the latest by half time.

  • Anyone dropping off a drive to the operator should also leave their Contact Name, Number (position in the club would also be preferable.) – and or any details if a Different person will be picking the drive up. So that our operator is also not having to leave their equipment unattended it is also preferred that someone come and see them within around 10-15 minutes of game completion to arrange the pickup of the drive. If the footage transfer is not complete at least you can make the best arrangements there and then for when to return or where within the club the operator can return the drive after returning their gear to their vehicle.

  • Footage will NOT be dropped off to clubs, workplaces or houses by the Operators if the club fails to bring a drive on the day, or forget to take it home, etc. Drives which are left behind will be taken to EFL house for collection.


  • It is Your responsibility to provide a Safe, Stable and comfortable area for the Camera Operator to work in – this includes providing a marquee in the event of inclement weather, and in the case of elevation, this must NOT be unstable, such as a table or packing crates. Whilst we understand that in the environment we are working the following may be difficult to achieve we would prefer that the area being filmed from is also smoke and alcohol free, and should also be in a spot where large crowds are not going to be likely to obscure our view or interfere with equipment, or have the potential to knock us or the equipment over, etc.

  • The above point also extends to the general behaviour of the crowd, visa vee language and attitude towards the operator – it should also be noted that Audio is recorded on footage which when uploaded to the footage hub is accessible by the league and indeed at a public level.

  • Where possible we will require an appropriate power source for some cameramen – Not all will need it, but some may – below is a general list we have put together of where we know we have successfully filmed games from in the past, if you have a better option which is still safe and covers our requirements by all means we can discuss further.

Division – Premier

  • Doncaster East – Southern side of clubroom, Where Bitumen meets the dirt area of the outside Bar – power from just inside southern exit door. (care taken to not cut cable and reduce thoroughfare through door.) - this is also 50m length.

  • Blackburn – Hill just up from Scoreboard at intersection of walking path - power available from Scoreboard.

  • South Croydon – “The Hill” – marquee has always been in place next to the toasty warm spit…Power run up from clubroom - could be slightly different this year, but Club is good in providing.

  • Noble Park – Members balcony, Power on balcony - AUDIO OFF for this location.

  • Norwood – Balcony, Power from the corner.

  • Balwyn – Balcony, power from inside behind scoreboard.

  • North Ringwood –  Hill near playground has been used in the past, but no power available – if new to this ground, call Leigh to confirm.

  • Rowville – Grandstand – open section in between rows of seats, power overhead – make sure you are Beside the Poles, not behind them.

  • Doncaster – When power needed or poor weather – behind glass inside club-room, otherwise Western Wing is also ok.

  • Vermont – To the left of the  Home Coaches box (closest to Canterbury road - in between the Goals and Light post closest the Coaches box.  Affords some slight elevation.  If needing power - it can be run from the Club room, but they will prefer you then closer to the club-room, which puts you behind coaches box - Please call to confirm when Onsite here for anyone who hasn't been there.

  • Berwick - To the Left of the Club rooms at the end of the balcony area or in bad weather just in the undercover area in front of Life Members section.

Division 1

  • East Ringwood – Balcony, power from inside - New Balcony preferred - sometimes they might allow using the Old Sporting Club balcony.

  • Mooroolbark – Eastern Wing elevated area in front of car parking.  Power can be taken from Scoreboard if needed.

  • Mitcham – Grandstand, with power from media/coaches box – position Besides Upright grandstand poles, not Behind them - need to now use Left (North) side of grandstand due to New Club Rooms obscuring view.

  • Croydon – Balcony - Power available - poles here may require to you to make sure Tripod is hard up to the railing to avoid the poles.

  • Bayswater – Central to balcony, if/when power is required it can be taken from inside the south east clubroom window (behind stage.) and run along the front of the balcony.  Alternative is Away coaches box but MUST have appropriate tripod and camera to avoid the Window frame - WE Prefer NOT using the coaches box.

  • Park Orchards – Filming from just under pavilion roof – with power from inside club-room – run just under roof, or over path with matting.

  • Montrose – Balcony next to 300club – dedicated position - power available

  • Lilydale – Filming from grandstand, Power from Umpires room below (sometimes power is an issue - circuit breaker in store room sometimes has tripped.)

  • Upper FernTree Gully – Inside in Southwest corner of club house behind glass. Or in scoreboard If camera Appropriate - power available.

  • Wantirna South – Scoreboard has proven not to be sufficient for good view – best to run on battery from Wing opposite scoreboard, at ground level.

Division 2

  • Mulgrave – Or an elevated Ute next to the Ambulance zone - Coaches/timekeepers box is NOT appropriate for viewing.

  • Heathmont   – Likely on fenceline elevated in ute usually – power available from the Bar.  Or New Balcony - but need a Dedicated spot there.

  • Boronia – on Western wing – elevated on Ute if possible (sometimes they will provide one ongoing.)

  • Ringwood – up the back of the grand-stand, power from timekeepers box, if required

  • Templestowe – Balcony area in front of change rooms for Power and some elevation – if no power needed, then opposite (Eastern wing) up on the hill.

  • The Basin – Flat area next to club house in Forward pocket for power and elevation, Filming is also ok from the Top of the Coaches box, however there is no power and it is preferred if No audio is taken as the Coaches use it as well.

  • Knox – Cutaway in-between seats in grandstand – power overhead.

  • South Belgrave  – Eastern wing – unsure if power is available from scoreboard here, but the area is elevated.

Division 3

  • Fair Park – Eastern Wing – Good if Club can provide elevation/ute

  • Donvale – Eastern wing on hill – or Near tree next to Clubhouse if requiring Power (from canteen)

  • Ferntree Gully – Grandstand Area near the Timekeepers box

  • Waverley Blues – Eastern Wing - or raised area in front of Canteen for some shelter.

  • Warrandyte  – in grandstand of the Clubrooms - at the Fenceline for best view.

  • Glen Waverley – Grandstand at the back – Power from time-keepers box.

  • Whitehorse – Raised area in front of club-house, power from inside clubroom or canteen.

  • Scoresby  – Opposite side to club-house to avoid traffic – no power available, no elevation.  Elevation at Clubroom side - but can be bad for foot traffic.

  • East Burwood – Ramp up to club room, power from just inside the door in this area – this is a high traffic area, so may require some bollards to warn patrons, also keep cabling tidy and out of the way.  There will be bouncing from people walking up the ramp…you get used to it eventually, keeping wider frames as we require anyway will help to avoid it affecting the vision too much.  Otherwise the mezzanine next to this.  However patrons are often here - may need blocking off.

Division 4

  • Kilsyth – Inside Scoreboard - power is available by Generator, and in 2021 should have mains power.  Need to have Camera slightly out of window.

  • Nunawading – TBA – East Wing of either ground – No power to either.

  • Silvan – Grand-stand – East(right) corner, power is available overhead on one of the pillars.

  • Surrey Park  – balcony area in front of doors next to canteen.  Power available through doors into social room.

  • Croydon Nth MLOC – In social area – raised seating, or Northern Wing close to playground gives some elevation.

  • Coldstream – in between coaches boxes elevation required – power across from clubroom if safe.

  • Chirnside Park – Eastern wing – power not easily available due to traffic – scoreboard inappropriate.

  • Forest Hill – Scoreboard or raised section to West of clubhouse.

Payments for “Private” games – Information on application

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