Support Contracts

The main aim of maintaining support contracts for our clients is to make sure you are covered with IT servicing needs whenever you need it.  We provide multiple avenues of getting in touch with us, depending on what suits you, such as Email, Phone, SMS, Helpdesk web-page (preferred.)

Depending on your needs we also have options for Priority Support

Our Priority Support Contracts include:

  • Rapid response times
  • Included monitoring
  • After-hours emergency and project options
  • Discounted rates for Hardware, Software, Services & Labour
  • Regular system maintenance.
  • Bid pricing on Hardware and some Software

Priority Support contracts are normally tailored to provide a certain amount of Block hours per month, it’s up to you how you use the time, anything over the block time will only be charged at the block rate – anything not used, a portion will be carried over to the following month as a gesture of good will.  We work with you to gauge best options for the amount of time you would need each month, and usually start out low until we reach the best fit.

Priority Support contracts are normally for a 24 month period but are reviewed every 12 months.  Any adjustments that may need to be made at any time will be discussed on a needs basis and we welcome and discussions to make sure we are looking after you with 100% satisfaction.

Mixed support contracts will be a combination of a Standard support contract along with some value added services, such as Monitoring, regular system maintenance, etc.