Monitoring & Monthly Maintenance

We believe more than anything in being Pro-active rather than re-active.  We utilize various monitoring tools which can monitor external services, and if required have agent software installed on Desktops and Servers to monitor key aspects of your network.

Regular maintenance is a must for Pro-active IT departments, it is no use finding out your Server hard drive is out of space when Email stops flowing, you want to know well in advance so you can prepare.  As well as active monitoring, we recommend to clients to take up regular monthly maintenance options.

Items covered in scheduled maintenance may include:

  • Firmware upgrades for Network switches, Firewalls, Phone systems, Servers and Storage devices.
  • Backup maintenance, including Test restores to make sure that when you need to restore data you can.
  • Windows Critical and Security updates on Servers and if required making sure PCs are also updating.
  • Server hard drive space checks
  • Server performance checks and Event log reviews – looking for Errors and Warnings